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Adam Rickitt Web Ring - Membership and Award Information

ARWR Membership

Membership is free of charge. To join, submit your site to the AdamRing at BOMIS.COM (a link is available at the index page of ARWR). You are however required to place either the ARWR banner or ARWR Member Logo (or both) prominently on your site. Please only submit your site if it is relevant. It will be reviewed for the ARWA First Class Site Award once it is posted. If you wish to join ARWR but do not have a site running yet, contact us direct at

ARWR First Class Site

This award is presented if your site is a member of the ARWR and meets the following requirements...

ARWR Special Award

This award is presented to the top Adam Rickitt site as judged by ARWR and is presented regularly. you may apply to have the Special Award presented at any time, otherwise you will simply be reviewed. A Special Award logo will be presented to you for placement on your site.


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