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Adam Rickitt

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Real Name:
Adam Rickitt
29 April 1978
Birth Place:
North-West England

Contact Address:

stars A Little Bit About Adam...
5 ft 11 in (180cm)
Three older brothers -
Tim, Mark and Sam
Brand New Heavies,
cK Be, Cool Water
Italian, Frosties
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stars Intimate with Adam...

Adamís battle with food began years ago when he caught a virus that left him weak and depressed sport that was my life. It just spiralled from there because it's my favourite sport, and missing out made me even more depressed."

"A specialist doctor told me my shoulder
joints were damaged and that I'd never be
able to play rugby again because they'd
keep dislocating. That half-hour changed my
life. I went in to the surgery optimistic, and
came out shell-shocked. I felt as if my world
had come to an end. I'd lost a lot of weight
because of the virus and thought if I could
get it back, I'd be okay. So when I got home, I
kept shoving food into my mouth until I was
so bloated I couldn't move. I was eating and
eating, drinking loads of milk and going
through tons of sugary cereal."

"Then I looked in the mirror and saw how
bloated I looked. I panicked! I ran to the
bathroom and threw up. After, I felt this
weird sense of relief. So the next day, I
did it again. It gave me a sense of control
over my body. It was the only way I could
deal with the pain."

"I'd be alone in my room I'd sit and cry. It
was like my mind and body became two
separate things. Bulimia was a way of
controlling the other. I spent all money I
could lay my hands on on food. People
would ask me how come I was so thin
when I ate so much and I'd say I still had
the virus in my system. They accepted that.
Hard rugby lads didn't get bulimia!"

"My parents would catch me being sick and I'd
just make an excuse. I was too embarrassed to
talk about it and things just got worse. Then
one day, I asked myself why rugby was so
important to me. Was it the game I loved or was
it an ego thing? I started to realise that, at the
end of the day and however much I loved the
sport, it was just a game and not worth killing
myself over. I knew then that I had to make
myself get better. I didn't want to die."

"Going through all that has made me
a stronger person, no doubt about it. I
know nothing can ever be as bad
again. I'm only talking about it now to
warn other guys that bulimia can
happen to them, too, and it's nothing
to be ashamed of. The advice I'd give
to someone who is going through it
right now is: talk to someone. Don't
let it take over your life, like it nearly
did mine. It's hard and painful, but the
only way to feel happy again is to
work through it."

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